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General Services
HomeCheck Inspections, LLC provides a comprehensive inspection for homeowners and prospective buyers which covers the essential systems and structural components of the home's major visible, structural, and mechanical systems. The items examined in a typical home inspection include the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, foundation, roof, exterior and interior structures and surfaces, including built-in appliances. The visual inspection culminates in a set of comprehensive, computer generated reports describing the condition of the items and systems inspected. In addition, these findings are illustrated in digital photographs throughout the report. Reports are printed on-site at the conclusion of the inspection, or may be mailed and/or emailed.

See FAQs for the most common home inspection queries.

Inspection Process
(Average Inspection duration is 2.5 - 3.5 hours)

It is not necessary for you to be present for the inspection, but it is a good idea. By following the inspector through the inspection, observing and asking questions, you will learn about the new building and get some tips on general maintenance. Information that will be of great help to you after you’ve moved in.

During a property inspection, items inspected will include but are not limited to:

Foundations - Basements - Under-Floor Areas
vFoundation and other support components
vUnder-floor ventilation
vLocation of under-floor access opening(s)
vWood separation from soil
vPresence of drainage systems or sump pumps within foundation footprint
vPresence or absence of seismic anchoring and bracing components

vSurface grade, hardscaping and drainage within six feet of the inspected building or associate
primary parking structure
vWall cladding, veneers, flashing, trim, eaves, soffits and fascias
vExterior portions of a representative sampling of doors and windows
vAttached decks, porches, balconies, stairs, columns, walkways, guard-rails and handrails

Roof Coverings
vRoof coverings
vFlashing, vents, skylights and other penetrations
vRoof drainage systems

Attic Areas and Roof Framing
vFraming and sheathing
vAccess opening(s) and accessibility
vInsulation material(s)

vSupply, waste, and vent piping
vFixtures, faucets and drains
vWater heating equipment, including combustion air, venting, connections, energy sources,
seismic bracing, and temperature-pressure relief valves
vFunctional flow of water supply and functional drainage at fixtures
vGas piping and connectors

Electrical Systems
vService conductors, equipment, and capacity
vPanels and overcurrent protection devices
vService and equipment grounding
vWiring types and methods
vA representative sampling of switches, receptacles, and light fixtures
vGround-fault circuit-interrupters

Heating Systems
vHeating equipment and operation using normal user controls
vVenting systems
vCombustion and ventilating air
vEnergy source and connections
vHeating distribution system(s) including a representative sampling of ducting, duct insulation
outlets, radiators, piping systems and valves

Central Cooling Systems
vCooling equipment and operation using normal user controls
vCooling distribution system(s) including a representative sampling of ducting, duct insulation,
outlets, piping systems and valves
vEnergy source and connections
vCondensate drains

Fireplaces and Chimneys
vChimneys, flues, dampers and associated components
vFireboxes, hearth extensions and permanently installed accessory components
vManufactured solid-fuel or gas-burning appliances

Building Interior
vWalls, ceilings and floors
vSecurity bars, ventilation components, and a representative sampling of doors and windows
vStairs, handrails, and guardrails
vPermanently installed cabinet and countertop surfaces
vSafety glazing in locations subject to human impact

Pools and Spas*
vLocation and type of pool or spa examined
vConditions limiting or otherwise inhibiting inspection
vEnclosure and related gates
vHardscaping and drainage related to the inspected pool or spa
vCondition of visible portions of systems, structures, or components
vNormally necessary and present equipment such as: lights, pumps, heaters, filters, and
related mechanical and electrical connections

*There is a pool/spa inspection additional fee of $100.


Price List - Base + Add-Ons
Base price based on square feet:
0 - 999 = 350.00
1000 - 1999 = 395.00
2000 - 2499 = 415.00
2500 - 2999 = 445.00
3000 - 3499 = 475.00
3500 - 3999 = 540.00
4000 - 4499 = 595.00
4500 - 4999 = 645.00
5000 - 5499 = 710.00
5500 - 5999 = 765.00
6000 - 6499 = 810.00
6500 - 7000 = 895.00
Above 7000 = Contact Inspector for quote

Common Add-ons:
Crawl Space = Add 75.00
Secondary Garage = Add 75.00
In Ground Pool = Add 100.00
Above Ground Spa = Add 55.00
In-Law Unit = Add 125.00
In-Law Unit w/Kitchen = Add 140.00

Price List - Misc
Duplex on Slab= 535.00
Tri-Plex on Slab = 635.00
Four-Plex on Slab = 725.00
Five to Eight Plex on Slab = 935.00
Nine to Twelve Plex on Slab = 1500.00
Commercial Property = Approximately .20 per Square foot (Please Contact Inspector!)
Condominium on slab = 350.00

Consultation Fee = 145.00 per hour

*Townhomes are priced as a Single Family Residence*



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